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A Better Way to Work

The most frustrating part about support systems is that sometimes you are the one doing the work instead of the other way around.

Helix360 is designed around your teams and your business processes. More importantly, it is designed for change. This allows you to optimize and build what you need, and change what doesn’t work without time-consuming complex programming or costly consulting services. We want you up and running as fast as possible.

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Your Projected Benefits

Improved Access to Knowledge
Improved Access to Internal Experts
Increase in Employee Satisfaction
Increased Product Innovation
Decreased e-mail use for process or document management

What makes Helix different?

in one word...everything.

Helix can help every enterprise manage their complex business processes no matter what service you provide or product you deliver. It’s about allowing you to intuitively manage each item in your process and everything related to it. All in a contextual environment.

The result is a more useful, instinctive system that works for you, based on your needs.

Supporting the Enterprise

It's all about the connnections...

From the ground up, Helix is different. Our experience has taught us that each business is different and very dynamic. That means “one size” cannot fit all. That’s why we’ve built our solution on the foundation that it must be configurable and adaptable – because your needs will inevitably evolve. It must also be intuitive  so that it can be reconfigured by the stakeholders that manage the processes. Helix360 is implemented without lengthy external consulting involvement, customization or programming. If you can describe your business objectives, we can give you the tools to intuitively achieve them.

Helix360 will help you define a new way of working with your information. You will now be able to access the “six degrees of separation” between the object you are working with and everything else related to it. You will no longer be constrained by the systems, databases or locations where your records reside. IT’s simply about the processes and contextual relationships.

Whether you provide a service or a product, you have challenges. Our goal is to provide you with the solution that lets you address those challenges instinctively using the knowledge about your business that you already have. You always knew there was a better way to run your company, you just didn’t have the toolset to make it happen.

Now it’s here.

Take a look at some of the activities below to see how Helix360 can help.

Helix360 was designed to solve the most important business problems...yours.

it's a better way to work


Helix360 is built for change, and more importantly, to be changed by you. As things change and your processes evolve, Helix360 is designed so that you can allow your teams to adjust, improve and optimize your working environment. No one knows your business better than you do, now there's a system that lets you make it better when it needs to be.


Business users don't operate in silos. Why do legacy systems make your data live in them? Helix360's architecture is based on automatically creating, managing and presenting the many ways people, documents, records and transactions are linked. Helix360 delivers the six degrees of separation between the information you need and everything it's related to. This provides you with unparalleled access to the contextual information critical to making business decisions.

Powerful Search

Just like an internet search engine, Helix360 gets you to where you need to go. With its unique semantic database structure, not only Helix360 will help you find an object by its properties, it will show you that object's relationship to everything else.


"The only constant is change." The only thing more constant than change in business is time wasted keeping track of who made the change. Helix360 keeps track of everything. From the moment the first record was created to every change since then, it's available. When you need it, it's at your fingertips.


Nobody works in a vacuum. Helix360 brings the tools to quickly and easily communicate and collaborate with the people and groups you need to. Whether it's on a single item or a whole project, Helix360 makes social enterprise happen.


Getting it done. Isn't that what it's all about? Finding exceptions and fixing them before they turn into real problems is what Helix360 does well. With its powerful search engine and dashboards, Helix360 will help you find those small things that can turn into big things.

About Us

“Helix is different. In order to succeed in enterprise software we knew we needed a new perspective…Yours. Helix360 is a fresh approach to enterprise software. Instead of changing your business to fit the software, the software is designed to fit around your business, and more importantly, to let you be the one who shapes it.”

We think that it’s time for a different approach to enterprise systems. The world is ready for a better way to work. Contact us today and see how.

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Career Opportunities

Helix is always looking for motivated people to expand our team. We’re a fun, dynamic group focused on changing the world…at least the business enterprise world, for now. If you are a goal-oriented person, looking for a challenge and the opportunity to be part of something different, we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at the postings below and let us know if you’re ready to be part of the Helix team.

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